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Secrets to Taking Beautiful Photography | Principles of Photography

The best photos in the world are featured in magazines, discussed on blogs, and fawned over in competitions.

Most of the time, we can also all agree that those pictures are outstanding.

The great thing is that these photos all share similar qualities. You can learn from these and use them to create your own beautiful photography.

Connect With Your Subject

Connection is just as important in photography as it is in relationships.

You don’t have to be a portrait photographer to make the most of this step. The connection doesn’t mean communication.

You simply have to appreciate and learn more about what you’re photographing.

For example, if you plan to photograph a specific town. Your research might give you new ideas and strengthen the bond you have with that location.

This will be evident in your photos.

If you’re a portrait photographer, prioritize communication before and during your photo shoot.

The more comfortable your model feels with you, the easier it will be to take beautiful portraits.

Use Simple Backgrounds to Create Unique Compositions

Beautiful photography doesn’t always feature complicated concepts and incomparable locations. You don’t need to travel far to find eye-catching subjects for your next image.

Unique compositions often feature simple backgrounds. All the attention goes to the subject. This also prevents busy compositions that are unappealing to the eye.

Find the Best Light to Enhance Your Story

Fortunately for us photographers, light changes throughout the day. This means you can experiment with different kinds of light to find the best one for your style.

In general, golden hour light is considered one of the best for all kinds of genres. You can use it to create a warm and peaceful glow in your photos.

As you can see in the photo above, this is really useful in landscape photography.

Avoid midday light unless you want to bring out the textures in your subject. Or if you plan to take photos in the shade.

Spend Quality Time With Yourself to Understand Your Intentions

Even if you know a bunch of photography tricks, you need to dig deep and understand your own intentions.

This is similar to knowing a recipe by heart. If you don’t add a few spices just because they seem unimportant, your meal won’t taste as good.

What will you do if a great idea doesn’t work out during your first photoshoot? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

These musings and plans will prepare you for your photoshoot, remove your fear of failure and maybe even give you a bunch of exciting ideas.

These are all very important ingredients in the recipe for beautiful photography.