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Perhentian Islands travel guide & Tips

Fire appears on Perhentian Kecil, magnificent white sea shores on Perhentian Besar and modest jumping between the islands make your days in Malaysia’s tropical heaven an adaptable encounter. Need to know which island best suits your necessities? What to do and how to arrive? Look no further. Right now, locate the best tips for visiting the Perhentian Islands! To get you in the state of mind, we’ve likewise included an extraordinary video. How about we keep those mixed drinks coming!

Tips for the Perhentian Islands

In spite of the fact that we have decided to visit the two islands, numerous explorers pick just one of them. That is not astounding. The two islands have their own crowd. OK prefer to go through the night economically and do you like to party? At that point you pick the mainstream Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil. Is it accurate to say that you are going on vacation with your family or as a team? At that point Perhentian Besar suits your desires better. Is it true that you are searching for a mix of the two? At that point you go to Coral Bay on Perhentian Kecil.


The seasons are the most significant interesting point before arranging an excursion to the Perhentians. These islands have two seasons: Dry season and Monsoon season. Dry season begins in March and runs about mid-route through October. Storm season gets in October and goes through the finish of February.

Best time to visit the Perhentians

The two islands are shut from October to March. The eastern piece of Malaysia is then burdened by the stormy season. The breeze is solid, the sun vanishes behind thick mists, swimming is perilous and practically all facilities are shut. There are no accurate dates on which the islands close. In the event that the pleasant climate endures longer, the business people attempt to remain open as far as might be feasible. A few people travel there at any rate and visit the islands outside the Christmas season. Regardless of whether you discover a lodging, you should remember that cafés, plunging schools and shops are shut.

Tropical islands were made for chilling, and the Perhentians in Malaysia are the same. You won’t discover a plenty of exercises here, yet that is somewhat the point. Notwithstanding, in the event that you’re glad getting a charge out of the basic things throughout everyday life, at that point I ensure you’ll be cheerful here.

The best travel time for the Perhentians Islands is from early April to June and in September. At that point you stay away from the hurrying around of the high season however the climate will in any case be pleasant.

Drink Monkey Juice -Tossing back a glass of “Monkey” is a Perhentian Islands’ Right of Passage. The home-made nearby rum is sweet, clingy, and caramelly and most likely dissimilar to anything you’ve tasted previously

Pulau Perhentian Kecil

The word Kecil signifies ‘little’. This island is the littlest of the two. Perhentian Kecil is known as the gathering island. You go here for sea shore parties, fire appears and reasonable lodging. How about we start with the tips for visiting the Perhentian Islands with regards to Kecil!

Long Beach

Long Beach is situated on the east side of the island. In spite of the fact that the inlet where the sea shore is found was genuinely tranquil when we visited the islands toward the finish of September, it tends to be occupied here in the high season. The cafés on the silvery white sea shore have enough seats for several guests. The many jumping schools that are situated here routinely sail out of the cove, to restore a couple of hours after the fact. Around evening time, little outside bars open, where you can appreciate fire appears and have a beverage with your feet in the sand. The gatherings that follow last well into the night.

Remaining at Long Beach

On Perhentian Island, inns are very costly contrasted with the remainder of South East Asia. Most housing comprise of straightforward cottages of fluctuating quality. On Long Beach you can make it as costly as you can imagine. We dozed toward the finish of the sea shore at Lemongrass Chalets for about € 28,- every night. You will get a straightforward stay with a fan.

Find the submerged world

The Perhentians are turning out to be notable for their superb plunging. With jump shops on the two islands, it’s a breeze to discover somebody to take you plunging. The assortment of destinations – extending from submerged seamounts to monstrous wrecks – fulfill both beginner and experienced jumpers. Never plunged? Don’t sweat it. All the jump shops in the Perhentians offer PADI accreditation courses. There are even half or entire day programs for novices who need to give it a shot just because and would prefer not to invest the energy getting ensured.