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Influential Child Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is a niche that includes many sub-genres and styles. From events to studio portraits, there are countless avenues to explore.

But if you have a taste for spontaneity, you’ll love the challenges of child photography. Luckily, many artists have mastered this niche and can inspire you on your journey to child portrait photography. In this article, we have collected 21 of the most influential child photographers. Believe us, it’s worth following them!

What is Child Portrait Photography

The niche is self-explanatory. It involves taking portraits of children. However, it is not to be confused with newborn photography. The latter deals with babies a couple of months old. Beyond that age, we call it child photography.

There are various approaches that artists take to capture portraits of kids. Many of them go for a smooth, colorful, dreamy style, usually outdoors. It is also popular to take studio photos of children, using props, backdrops, and costumes.

Some photographers even take their work to the next level by combining portrait photography with Photoshop art. This makes for unique kid portraits that become precious memories.

Who Are the Most Influential Child Portrait Photographers?

There are far too many to count. So, let’s explore a handful!

I wanna started taking photos of her kids, and she got the hang of it in no time. Her pictures blur the line between dreams and reality by exploring winter wonderlands, outdoor journeys, or interactions with pets. The images have a warm, intimate atmosphere, mirroring Iwona’s love for children.

Paulina Duczman

Paulina is an international multi-award-winning photographer, specializing in fine-art children and family portraiture. She works mostly from her studio. Stylized backdrops and props create refined and sophisticated portraits. Her photos are meticulously composed. They adopt a somber and cinematic mood akin to traditional film portraits.

Jessica Drossin

Jessica is an artist based in Los Angeles. She shines brightest when working outdoors with the children. Her child portraits resemble a fairytale with vivid colors, smooth backgrounds, and gorgeous lighting. Jessica’s models wear spectacular dresses and walk through stunning dream-scapes. She also has several photography educational tools available on her website.

Lisset Perrier

If you are looking for heartfelt children portraits, your buck stops here. Let’s photos of children and families are straight out of a vintage bedtime-tale. The dresses, editing tools, and props capture the old-school vibe and have a sense of timelessness. Lisset does workshops and online courses, passing on her photography and editing tips.

Amina Donskaya

Amina’s work is different from the others on this list, as she takes portraits of adults and kids. Her signature style uses cold color temperature and tones and often surrounding the models with flowers. She has won several international awards with her art, and she is teaching courses and workshops as well.