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Guide To Visiting Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina BRIDGE

The wonderful town of Mostar is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most mainstream goals, and makes for the ideal escape from Dubrovnik. With its cobblestone avenues, old structures, and maybe the most pleasant extension on the planet, this town looks like to some degree a fantasy. Mostar draws in a large number of guests a year with the Old Bridge (Stari Most) being its top fascination.

As I would like to think, Mostar merits something other than a day trip, which seems, by all accounts, to be most of sightseers nowadays. By and by, a day trip is superior to nothing and is the ideal method to escape the madness of Dubrovnik.


Mostar is situated in the Herzegovina district of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It began as a modest community on an exchanging course between the Adriatic Coast and focal Bosnia.

In 1468 the district went under control of Ottoman standard. In 1566, compelled of Suleiman the Magnificent (a similar man who changed Constantinople into Istanbul), the wooden extension was modified in stone, and this celebrated scaffold represented 427 years. This stone scaffold was a showstopper when it was manufactured and it is said to be one of the most significant structures worked during the Ottoman time.

Austria-Hungary assumed responsibility for the territory in 1878 and controlled until 1918, when Bosnia and Herzegovina turned out to be a piece of Yugoslavia. In 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina pronounced autonomy from Yugoslavia. In 1994, Stari Most was decimated during the Croat-Bosniak struggle.

The most effective method to GET TO MOSTAR

Visits From Dubrovnik And Sarajevo

Mostar and Kotor, Montenegro are the most well known day visits from Dubrovnik. Everybody all over Dubrovnik sells this visit and it costs 300 kunas for the afternoon. The visit withdraws Dubrovnik at 7:30am and the drive to Bosnia takes around 2 hours. Most visits will stop at the Kravice cascades, a smaller than normal variant of Iguazu cascades for a speedy visit before making a beeline for Mostar. The visits commonly spend the evenings in Mostar with around 3-4 hours to investigate the city before withdrawing Mostar at 4pm.


Stari Most – The Old Bridge

Indeed, The Old Bridge, or Stari Most in Bosnian, is the greatest fascination of Mostar. It’s one of the most pleasant scaffolds on the planet, and is just 30 meters in length. It’s likewise a dearest milestone for local people with a broad history.

Worked in the sixteenth century by the Ottoman Empire, this scaffold associated two parts of Mostar isolated by the Neretva River. It represented more than 400 years before it was devastated in 1993 during the Yugoslavian war by Croatian powers. It was recreated in the picture of the first scaffold in 2004.

The scaffold is well known for its common curve, and for its development with rocks from the close by mountains. It’s 24m high, 30m long and 4 meters wide and be cautious when strolling the scaffold in light of the fact that the stones are insane tricky!

The Old Town

There is far to Mostar than the old scaffold. The Old town is nearly as beguiling as the Stari Most it encompasses. A similar cobblestone as the old extension make up the tight avenues of the old town. Keepsake shops, frozen yogurt sellers, and various cafés feature the old town. It takes close to 20 minutes to walk the old town so walk gradually.