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Gorgeous and Easy Paper Flower Bookmarks

These lovely bookmarks are a magnificent specialty that even minimal ones can help make since they’re so natural and amusing to make. With a couple of straightforward materials, you can make these dazzling paper blossom bookmarks for any event. These bookmarks are so stunning; they’ll need to make clusters for every one of their loved ones!

It’s stunning how a couple of straightforward materials like shaded paper, washi tape, and punched paper blossoms can be changed into these lovely bookmarks. Children will have the option to release their imaginative side and pick the hues they need to use for the blossoms and bookmarks. Follow these models, or let kids structure their own bloom position!

Accumulate Your Materials

Accumulate the provisions you’ll have to make your bookmarks. You likely as of now have a ton of these materials close by, yet on the off chance that you don’t, it merits putting resources into a portion of these devices. For instance, blossom punches and washi tape are economical, and you’ll have the option to make a perpetual number of things with these apparatuses, similar to cards, pictures, adornments for gatherings, endowments, thus substantially more. This is what you’ll require:

Hued paper: Get a variety of various hues for the bookmark base and the blossoms.

Washi tape: Japanese ornamental concealing tape that arrives in an assortment of flawless hues. Utilize strong hues or some designed tape in the event that you like.

Blossom punches in grouped sizes: Use an assortment of sizes: a punch that makes 1/2-inch blossoms, one that makes 1-inch blossoms, and one that makes 1/2-inch blossoms. Attempt to pick shapes that go well together and look great when stacked on one another.

Paste dabs: In medium or little or SuperTape, which is a fantastic cement that is overly solid and can be cut into various sizes.


Gap punch (discretionary)

Strip (discretionary)

Make the Bookmark Base

You can utilize shaded card stock weight paper as your base, or in the event that you need a heavier and sturdier bookmark that will last you through loads of utilization, get some cardboard and paste hued paper on it. (Tip: Use the rear of a composing cushion, which is pleasant and firm, yet can be cut no problem at all.)

You can cut the cardboard with scissors, subsequent to denoting a straight line with a ruler, or you can utilize a self-mending cutting mat and specialty blade. Ensure a grown-up handles this part—make blades are exceptionally sharp and ought not be taken care of by kids.

Cut the Bookmark Base and Colored Paper

In case you’re utilizing a cardboard base and shaded paper, you can utilize a specialty paper trimmer to cut the hued paper, or draw a straight line and use scissors to make the cut. Cut two pieces, one for each side.

Make Bookmarks in Different Sizes -You might need to make bookmarks in different sizes for various measured books. These are longer ones that were 8 1/2 inches in length and shorter ones that were 7 inches in length.

Seal Edges with Washi Tape

Next, use stick dabs to tie down the hued paper to the cardboard and afterward seal the edges with washi tape. Children may require help with this part, yet recollect that it doesn’t need to be great; mother will adore it, regardless of whether the tape isn’t straight! Also, the magnificence of washi tape—beside how lovely it looks—is that it’s anything but difficult to evacuate and re-do, much the same as all covering tapes.