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Fall appears to have come rapidly to our little town in southeast Wisconsin. One day it was summer and afterward out of nowhere it was fall! The leaves are changing, kids are back in school and the nearby sweet corn wagon has been supplanted by the yearly pumpkin wagon. So get the children together and head outside to gather a portion of those falling leave to make these enjoyment finger manikins!

This undertaking utilizes reused cardboard cylinders, departs and pipe cleaners. Simple peasy. Full printable guidelines are underneath, however as should be obvious you’ll jab the arms through the sides of the cylinder, include a leaf for a head, and paste on eyes and fastens. Fun!

Has the climate begun to get a little nippy where you live? Assuming this is the case, the leaves will turn hues soon and start to tumble from the trees. Presently is an extraordinary time to have your children make some enjoyment fall leaf finger manikins from In the event that the leaves aren’t exactly falling yet, she’ll tell you the best way to utilize silk leaves as a substitute! This is a simple and fun fall reusing venture the children will cherish.

You can surely utilize leaves for entertainment only tasks, however remember that they will shrivel in the end. Along these lines, I’m demonstrating how to make two forms of these charming leaf individuals finger manikins; one with common supplies and one with manufactured. Whichever way is fun and an incredible method to praise the happening to Autumn!



cardboard cylinders

rocks or bark



squirm eyes


cardboard cylinders


chenille stem

development paper

silk leaves

squirm eyes




craft glue firearm

Characteristic Puppets


Start by hot sticking the leaf to the highest point of the cardboard cylinder for the head. Next, craft glue the twigs to the sides of the cylinder for the arms.

Craft glue stones or little bits of bark to the front of the cylinder for catches. At last, add squirm eyes to the leaf head.

Engineered Puppets

First utilize a paste stick to cover the cardboard cylinder with development paper.

Next, heated glue a silk leaf to the highest point of the cardboard cylinder. Paste on catches and squirm eyes and include chenille stems for the arms.

Step by step instructions to Make It:

Another Method

Overlap felt into equal parts. Cut a straightforward leaf shape from the felt, making the top purpose of the leaf at the wrinkle of the felt. Keep the wrinkle unblemished.

Run craft glue around the edges with the exception of at the base opening. Press the felt together. At the point when paste is cool, test the opening of the felt and check whether it fits on your youngster’s finger. If not, trim straight over the base opening to extend it a bit.

Decorate the leaves by including googly eyes, hair withdraws from ties trim from scrapbook paper or texture, and utilizing a Sharpie to draw on grins and eyebrows.

As a choice, you can include globules as noses as well as to highlight bow