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Since the time I was a child I have adored utilizing sun print paper. On the off chance that you’ve never attempted it you should. There’s a substance response that happens on the paper after it’s presented to daylight. Running the uncovered sun print paper under cool water causes another response that gives you a wonderful final product that merits confining. The best part is this is an art venture children can make and provide for grown-ups. Awesome divider craftsmanship that looks staggering.


You can utilize things from nature, for example, plants, leaves, blossoms or for my situation, lavender. You will require a radiant day, however just two or three minutes in the sun are required. Children will be astonished by the sun print paper’s change once it hits the water. The entire procedure, from beginning to end takes under ten minutes, not including drying time obviously.

The outcomes are shocking and totally blessing commendable. Children will be so pleased to see their sun print manifestations showed on the divider or rack!

You can utilize any items you like: starfish, coins, keys, dough shapers, sticks, anything you can consider. I utilized distinctive estimated starfish and a couple of clippings from my blossom box to make the waterfront encircled sun prints. The shadow that was cast from the starfish likewise appears in the conclusive outcome.

So in case you’re searching for an extraordinary blessing that the children can make, or only a novel task to keep and show, sun print divider workmanship is an incredible choice! I purchased the white edges from and essentially utilized a paste stick to connect the sun prints to plain white paper as opposed to purchasing costly mattes.

On the off chance that you need a snappy stocking stuffer, print off these lovable little cards to use with those round lip analgesics.


5″x7″ sun print paper*

Objects of your decision (right now, starfish, plants)

13″x9″ or bigger container with an inch or so of cool faucet water

Froth center or a bit of cardboard

Paper towels

Clear plastic or glass (utilize one from a frame)

White casings

White paper

Paste stick

*Sun print paper comes in various sizes and contains different sheets. I utilized the 5″x7″ size for this undertaking. The paper is put away inside a dark parcel to shield it from being presented to light. Possibly expel it from the bundle when you are prepared to begin.

**Check the edges of the glass to ensure they aren’t sharp. Spread edges with painter’s tape if kids will deal with straightforwardly. Painter’s tape can without much of a stretch be expelled when venture is done.

Spot a bit of sun print paper, blue side up, onto your froth center or cardboard.

Mastermind protests on paper.

Spread items with glass and press down to hold everything set up, particularly if it’s blustery out!

Open to coordinate daylight for two minutes.

Expel glass and articles from paper. You will see that the paper has helped in shading and the territories under your items will be the first blue.

Submerge uncovered paper in container of water.

Be certain it’s totally canvassed and leave in water for around one moment. The blue regions will turn white, and the light territories will turn light blue.

Expel paper from water and spot on paper towels to dry. The blue territories will obscure as the paper dries.

You can even add modest components to the paper as I did here. You can see that alongside the lavender I sprinkled on a portion of the squashed petals and leaves.