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Art sticks can be transformed into pretty much anything. The charming characters found in a farm are an extraordinary model! Dairy animals, ponies, pigs, chickens and that’s just the beginning, all in create stick structure! I’ve constantly cherished specialty sticks as a surface. They are economical and have such a large number of conceivable outcomes.


You can make creatures out of them, as should be obvious here, yet their limits are practically boundless. Snowmen, superheroes, adornments boxes, scarecrows, mummies, beasts, manikins, the rundown continues endlessly!

Livestock are fun in light of the fact that your kid can pick whatever shading they need. Who says a chicken must be white? Why not purple or pink? Ponies can have long manes, short manes, spots or no spots.


5 kind sized art sticks

Googly eyes

Tan and pink Buttons

Little pink dot


Paste or paste dabs

Felt: light darker, dim dark colored, dark, pink, orange, and red

Paint: white, dark, light darker, pink and orange

Fine point marker

Let your youngster’s creative mind run free or on the off chance that they like, follow the hues and plans in these guidelines. Whatever is generally a good time for them!

When your kid has settled on hues, have them paint their kind sized specialty sticks.

You can utilize catches for noses and noses and felt for embellishments like manes and mouths.

As should be obvious I coaxed mine out first to get a thought of what mine would resemble.

My companion Beth from Hungry Happening kept in touch with me and demonstrated me the most charming eatable livestock I’ve at any point seen!


5 gigantic specialty sticks

Googly eyes

Catches tan and pink

Little pink globule


Paste or paste spots

Felt: light darker, dull dark colored, dark, pink,orange, and red

Paint: white, dark, light darker, pink and orange

Fine point marker


Start by painting the specialty sticks. Two of them will be white and the other three will be pink, light dark colored, and orange. paint some dark splotches haphazardly on one of the white sticks.

Utilize a slight paint brush (or you can utilize a dark Sharpie!) to add stripes to the orange stick.

Pig’s ears – pink

Dairy animals’ ears – dark

Pony’s ears and nose – light darker

Pony’s mane and forelock – dim dark colored

Chicken’s brush: red

Chicken’s nose: orange

Feline’s ears: orange

You can utilize stick, or on the off chance that you like Glue Dots, to append the googly eyes to each art stick. Paste the felt pieces set up for every animal and paste on catches and the feline’s nose dab, and you have yourself a stable loaded with new companions!

How to Do?

Paint the Popsicle sticks and let them dry. (Pink for Pig, Brown for Horse, White for Dog)

Cut out the shape for ears and mouth (just for horse) from froth sheets.

Paste squirm eyes and ears.

Paste pink catch for pig’s mouth, dark catch for pooch’s mouth and orange froth sheet cut out for pony’s mouth.

Trim and paste a couple of strands of dark colored string for pony’s hair.

Make eyebrows and fixes on the canine’s body utilizing a dark pen. Also, your child’s livestock are prepared.