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Best Tips and Locations for Taking Great Pictures in Venice

Venice has always embodied a nostalgic and romantic vision of Europe. In today’s article, you’ll learn where to go for the best Venice pictures, and when to visit one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.
So read on to get the best pictures of Venice, and find out how to avoid the tourists.

The Best Time to Get Pictures in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city to visit, and it’s for this reason you’ll not be the only one eager to see the sights. It’s also a city that can have some oppressive summer heat and humidity, so when is the best time to be here?
As with the majority of places, if you can visit during the low season, you’ll enjoy Venice with far smaller crowds. It’s also worth being the early bird and seeing the city before the majority of tourists arrive.
You should also check when certain events, such as the famous Carnival of Venice, will be. You won’t avoid the crowds. But these events will provide you with a lot of unique Italian pictures.

Academia Bridge

This bridge is found towards the eastern side of the Grand Canal. It’s the last place where you can cross the canal on foot on this side of Venice.
It’s the view you’ll get from this bridge that will bring you here. Some preparation in terms of when you visit will be needed. Depending on the type of photo you wish to get, you can visit at different times of the day.
There is a standard component that is hard to get away from. Using a panoramic frame, or perhaps a Lensball could give you something with a bit of a twist.


This is perhaps the best time to visit this location. You’ll almost certainly have the bridge to yourself at this time. You can choose your spot on the bridge to get the best composition. The sunrise will come up behind a set of buildings on the north bank. The angle will change depending on the time of year you visit. It’s important to balance the light across the frame. To do this, use graduated neutral density filters for the sky. Bracket your images followed by digital blending, or a combination of filters and blending.

Blue Hour

The next best time to visit is during blue hour. You’ll see the building being lit up. And you can capture boat light trails as the river taxis move up and down the grand canal. You’ll need a sequence of 30-second exposures to capture boat light trails. These trails move through the scene much more slowly than car light trails. That means merging several photos together to complete one light trail that runs through the canal.