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You’re home from the beach with a collection of shells, and now you need something to do with all of them! While we have these adorable seashell creatures on the blog, the kids will love making this school of seashell fish too! They’d look great in a shadowbox frame on your child’s bedroom wall.
These little fish are absolutely adorable, and they’re very easy to make. If you have multiple kids,
No trip to the beach this summer? Doesn’t matter! Seashells are readily available at craft stores, but you can also find them at garage sales, thrift stores, and even flea markets. Often times they are sold in big bags, which is how I found most of mine. I always look for them when I’m out at garage sales though!
o make these fish, you’ll need seashells in assorted sizes; big ones for the bodies and smaller ones for the fins. You’ll also need googly eyes and some hot glue. You can also use instant grab glue if you prefer not to use a hot glue gun with the kids.

White craft glue is a little harder because it takes longer to dry and the shells may not stay put, so look for a fast drying type.
Lay the shells out first, deciding how you want your fish to look.

Assorted seashells
Googly eyes various sizes
Hot glue gun or instant grab glue
List of Supplies:
White paper plate
Large smooth sea shells
Tiny sea shells of assorted shapes
Craft foam in different colors – plain and glitter
Googly eyes
Tack Its
Paints and brush
Lay out your shells first, choosing smaller shells for dorsal fins, tail and side fins.
Once you have chosen which shells go with which, go ahead and glue them together.
Glue googly eyes onto your fish.
To display, try adding some blue cellophane to a piece of foam core board and gluing the fish to your faux sea.

Let’s get the background ready first. Paint the bottom part of the paper plate yellow to resemble sand. Cover almost half the plate.
Paint the remaining part of the plate blue for the water. Let the paint dry while we make the fish.

Paint the large sea shells in colors of your choice. You can either go for one solid color or make it two-tone.
While the shells are drying, cut out the fish tail and fins from glitter foam. Choose colors to match or complement the shell colors.
To assemble the fish, stick the tail and fin to the appropriate places using tack its. Then stick on a googly eye.

Make more fish in as many colors as you like.
Cut out sea weed shapes from plain green craft foam. Once the paper plate is completely dry, stick these shapes on the plate using tack its or glue.
Arrange the small shells and the fish in their right places and attach them with tack its. Your aquarium is complete!
Isn’t it fun to use all kinds of materials to make crafts? If you enjoyed making this shell fish craft,