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8 Cute and Easy DIY Gifts in a Jar

If you’re tired of the mainstream wrapper-and-ribbon combo for your Christmas gifts, you might wanna try putting your gifts in a jar!

Aside from the all-time favorite 3C’s (cookies, candies, and candles), there is actually a wide variety of goodies that can be stored in mason jars. Is your curiosity piqued? Keep on reading and find your new favorite gift in a jar idea for the Christmas holiday!

I actually love shopping especially for my loved ones, but Christmas shopping is another thing. It’s been years of last minute shopping, endless lines at the counters, and impulse buying (at times). It was just last year that I’ve decided to make something personalized and unique for my Christmas gifts and destiny brought me to mason jars. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try my hand at them but after finishing one, I’m obsessed! You don’t need to be a pro for these gifts in a jar. With just a few supplies, your amazing hands, and your brilliant mind, you can create any of these amazing gifts in a jar!

Milk Bath in a Jar

Make your loved ones feel your love by giving them something their skin would love as well. Try giving them a skin treat in the cutest possible way with this homemade milk bath for a relaxing holiday. Trust me, they’ll adore this gift!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mommies will be amazed by your thoughtfulness and creativity with this DIY gift in a jar idea! It’s such a cute addition to your kitchen or bathroom sink!

Snowman Playdoh in a Jar

Kids will be delighted to receive this unique playdoh in a jar. These are so cute, I can even see myself keeping a jar or two for myself!

Girls Weekend Gift in a Jar

Thinking of something sweet for your gal friends or sister? I’d personally recommend this DIY gift idea. It’s a jar full of thoughtful things to make them feel comfy during their red days. And who doesn’t love some matching pajamas to wear on the holidays?

Sewing Kit in a Jar

For friends who have just entered the world of sewing, they will fall in love with this gift idea. This is absolutely fun and adorable! And if we share the same idea of giving this to Grandma this Christmas, I just can imagine how her eyes would twinkle upon seeing these sewing essentials! Such a sweet darling!

DIY Table Topper Snow Globe

If you don’t want to keep ’em hanging, you can have them stand upside down. Make Christmas decor extra special with a DIY snow globe. I just love that nostalgic, vintage effect it gives at first glance that leads me to reminisce the past holidays of my life.

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

Level up your gift card presentation this holiday. How to do it? Just put it in a jar and add some festive touches inside. Sounds cool, right?

DIY Spa Trio in a Jar

This spa trio includes a body cream, a sugar scrub, and a foot soak. Another perfect pamper-yourself gift in a jar for those who love body and skin care items. These are the cutest ways to exfoliate, soften, and relieve one’s skin during the holidays. These quilted mason jars will add texture to your spa in jar.

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